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NM Collector Cross Platform Tutorial - 1. Introduction

Updated: Dec 10, 2023

Clay Pryor

Hello, my name is Clay Pryor and I am the developer of NM Collector Software Cross Platform. I will be developing tutorials to help my customers better understand and get maximum value from NM Collector Cross Platform. Initially these tutorials will be blog entries like this one. Later I will build videos for people who prefer that approach.

Here are the currently available text-based tutorials.

  1. Introduction. This one.

  2. Getting Started. Covers downloading, installing, and running NM Collector Cross Platform on various operating systems.

  3. Navigation. How to move around within the application and what to expect when you do.

  4. Managing Collections. How you can modify existing collection templates to suit your needs. How to create your own collection definitions for anything that you collect which isn't already defined for you.

  5. Reporting. There are canned, custom, and reports for most pages.

  6. Data Transfer. You can share and use your data across platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android).

  7. Data Backup and Recovery. Unless you choose to disable it, your data is backed up every time you start the application. You can also make manual backups as well.

  8. Data Security and Privacy. How can I know that my data is secure and not nefariously shared with others?

  9. Data Migration. Migrate data from NM Collector Software Java Edition (NM Collector JE) and other apps into NM Collector Software Cross Platform?

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