Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept returns?

As with most things in life, it is best to contact us first to see if we can resolve your issues before you request a refund. If we cannot resolve your issues, uninstall the software, destroy the activation email, and request a refund within 30 days of your original purchase. The original purchase price will be refunded in full. 

If you purchased a USB Flash Drive you must request a refund before returning it and it must arrive undamaged and in re-sellable condition. Shipping is not refundable.

What are the differences between the free and activated JE version?

Which countries do you ship to?

We will ship to any country with the proper postage.  We have a flat rate for all CONUS locations.  Other locations will require additional postage.

How does activation/subscription work?

First you must download and install the software.  It comes with a 30 day free trial of the full features.  After 30 days it reverts to a free version that has less features.  If you like the full feature version and wish to continue using those features, you must purchase an activation.  Activations automatically renew on an annual basis unless you cancel the renewal.


Please see Compare Features.