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NM Collector Cross Platform Tutorial - 9. Data Migration

Updated: Dec 10, 2023

For those who wish to migrate from NM Collector Java Edition (JE) to NM Collector Software Cross Platform there is a tool for that. For those who wish to migrate from any other software package to Cross Platform, the package must export the data in a way that it can be incorporated into a spreadsheet of the proper format to import into NM Collector Cross Platform. It could be difficult but not impossible.

Importing your data from NM Collector Software JE

There's an app for that! The NM Collector CP JE Export Application was written to export data from JE in a format that can be imported into Cross Platform. This desktop application runs on Windows and Linux but not Mac computers. You can copy the NMCW JE database from a Mac to a Windows or Linux computer to extract your data from JE and then copy the extracted data to your Mac computer in order to migrate your JE data on a Mac.

The output of the NM Collector Cross Platform JE Export Application is a directory with csv files and picture files. The results will look something like this:

Each folder contains pictures associated with an item (by number). The csv files contain the data for each type of collection as well as the definition for that collection. These files can then be imported into NM Collector Cross Platform using the CSV import feature.

Use "Import > Collection Template" to import the collection definition including labels and drop-down list values. Use "Import > Items From CSV" to import the actual data. Although JE Export program generates all files for all of the collections found in JE, you will import each collection into Cross Platform one collection at a time.

Importing your data from NM Other Applications

It may be difficult to migrate data from another application to NM Collector Cross Platform but not impossible. The concept is simple but it may take a lot of work. You must accomplish the following:

  1. Export your data from the other program.

  2. Manipulate the data from the other program to match the expected format for importing into NM Collector Software Cross Platform.

  3. Import the data into Cross Platform using the "Import > " menu options.

Step one depends on the program. Hopefully it can at least export into a .csv (spreadsheet) format.

Step 2 requires an understanding of the format for importing into NM Collector Software Cross Platform. Please submit a support ticket for more information.

Step 3 is the same as "Importing your data from NM Collector Software JE" as covered above.

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