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NM Collector CP Tutorial - 2. Getting Started

Updated: Mar 14

1. Download NM Collector Software CP for your platform(s).

A single activation allows you to use it on all systems that you own. All of the desktop versions are available on our downloads page. You can also purchase a lifetime activation of NM Collector CP delivered on a USB flash drive from Brownells.

Other sources include the following. These may not have the latest version because they require time to review submissions before they are made live.

Windows Download

2. "Install" as appropriate for your platform(s)

For desktop computers

Technically, the desktop applications do not require installation. However, you have an installation option for Windows and Mac computers if you choose to install NM Collector Software CP. It will run just fine without installation.

Do not run the software from inside the downloaded .zip file. Please extract it first! After extraction, you can run the application directly from the extracted folder or you can navigate to the sub-directory named "installation" and run the installer.

Windows download extracted to desktop

Open Installer directory to find installer

Note: The desktop download also includes documentation including Getting Started, JE to CP Migration Manual, and the User Manual.

For mobile apps

Installation is required and it will be handled automatically by the store that you download it from.

3. Run the program

On desktop computers

The way you start the program depends on the Operating System and how you "installed" it. If you actually ran the installation program for your operating system, run NM Collector CP in the same way that you would run any other program. If you did not install the program, you can navigate to where you exported it and run the application.

Windows: Double click the file named NMCollectorCP.exe. Note that the .exe extension may not be visible in your file explorer. In that case it will have a brown NM icon associated with it and a file type of Application.

Run directly from extracted folder

Mac: Double click the NMCollectorCP application

Linux: Open the NMCollectorCP_Linux directory in a terminal window and enter sh run.command

On mobile apps

Start the application in the same way you start other applications on your mobile device.

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