Sample NM Collector Software JE Screen Shots LLC intends to produce the most useful and flexible software available to the collector community at the most reasonable price. We recognize the effort put into data entry and keep the preservation of that data at the forefront of our development efforts.






Our Products


Cross Platform (CP)(Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android).

Development has started and a proof of concept for Windows is available for download here.  Please see the Shop link above.


The intent is to simplify and provide a consistent user experience across all devices on all platforms including data transfer across devices.


Java Edition (JE) - Any Collection Any Computer that can run java – Windows, Mac, Linux.

Designed to be run directly off of a USB flash drive for security and portability but can also be run from a hard drive, network drive, or even the cloud.


Gun Collecting Software for Windows Only (Discontinued)

Discontinued but migration path to our latest NM Collector Software is provided. Now available for free.

For Android Devices - We also offer collecting software for Android devices which can be used with our NM Collector JE desktop database program to view and updated a subset of your data or even add pictures.  These are available on Google Play and Amazon.  

 Please note that NM Collector Software CP (CP for short) will be a totally new product distinct and separate from NM Collector Software JE (JE for short) so ...

  • JE subscriptions will not transfer to CP. 

  • Once CP is released, support will continue for JE so subscriptions will be available to retain access to all JE features, however, new development of JE will discontinue. 

  • A data migration path from JE to CP will be provided for those who wish to transfer but the purchase of a new CP subscription will be required.

  • In the past we offered lifetime activations for JE.  Since new development of JE will be ending soon, we are only offering new JE activations as annual subscriptions (at a discount). 

  • We will once again offer lifetime activations for CP once it is released. 

  • For those who purchase lifetime activations from Brownell's after January 1, 2021, we will offer a discount on the CP lifetime activation if they chose to switch from JE to CP..