Why is it so difficult to get this software running?

Not everyone feels this way. It is pretty straight forward for those of us who are used to downloading and installing programs from the internet. However, for some people, they just want to use it without the hassle of downloading and installing it. So, why is it so difficult to get this program running?

Why not just a web application?

It would be simple to use if this was a web application. By web application, I mean you enter a URL in your browser, the application loads in your browser, and you just start using it. No installation is required. In fact, this is how many, if not most, enterprise applications are written these days. I know because I wrote enterprise applications for a living.

For many of us, including most gun owners I know, there is a major issue with this approach. Your data is stored on the internet. Once you post data to the internet you lose control over it. Yes, we can be reassured by the hosting servers and web application developers that our data is secure but how secure is it? Also, as a developer, I do not want to be responsible for other people's data stored by my application on the internet.

Yes, a web application would be really easy to get started (no installation required) but at what cost? No thank you. That approach is not for me.

Can't the installation be simplified?

In the old days I could have you download an executable and have at it! That was simple. However, that ended a LONG TIME AGO. As you can imagine, that is just too risky. Nowadays you have to follow certain protocols and standards to get an operating system to run a program downloaded from the internet.

At the very minimum you have to compress your program into an "archive" before it can be downloaded to a computer. Obviously, that means you have to extract it from the archive after you download it. This extra step causes many people to throw up their hands and give up on the program.

Installation can be simplified if a developer can get their application into the Windows and/or Apple stores. However, there are limitations on how applications get into those stores which often require developing the applications in proprietary technologies. Hey, they provide the service so they make the rules. If you want your application in their stores you have to play by their rules. I have not done that. My applications are written in Java so they do not easily comply with the proprietary technologies required to get into the Windows and Apple stores.

So, for now, you have to download an archive and extract the contents before you can use my program on your computers. I am always looking for alternatives and will simplify the installation if I can.