Known Issues

Updated: Nov 3

Please let me know if you run into any problems and I will post here for others. I will include a work around (if available) until the underlying cause can be fixed in a future release. Thank you.



Work Around

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Add Pictures button stops working and crashes the application. If you load a picture from a removable hard drive and then remove the hard drive the program will crash when you click the Add button.

You can add the removable media back to your system and try again. At this point you may want to change the directory you load pictures from to one that will always be available on your system until I fix the problem.

As an alternative, you can reset the default paths by deleting the file from your system where they are stored. The system will then save the path the next time you open a file. The file you need to delete if you want to use that option is: C:\Users\[userid]\AppData\Roaming\nmcollector\nmcsw.ini where [userid] is your userid without the square brackets. You can see your exact path in the Help > About.