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Transferring Your Data Between Desktop and iOS Devices

03/12/2023 Update - This is out of date and will be updated soon. In the meantime, please see the user manual (below) for most up to date information.

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An ideal way to use NM Collector CP is to enter your data in the desktop application and then transfer it to your iOS device to take it with you for reference wherever you go. Also, your iOS device is a great way to take pictures of the items in your collection. After adding pictures to your items, you will want to transfer your updated data back to your desktop.

Transferring data from desktop to iOS device

Here are the steps to transfer your data from your desktop to your iOS device.

1. In the NM Collector CP desktop application,

a. Select the collection with data that you want to transfer.

b. Select [File > Export Current Collection Items to CSV] from the menu.

c. The data is saved to the "Export Dir."

d. The export dir is listed in the [Help > About] menu item.

3. Transfer the exported files (including the .csv and pictures folders) to your iOS device.


  • There are many ways to transfer files between iOS devices and your desktop. This seems to be a good article describing many of them.

  • The data you export from your desktop HAS to be placed in the Exports folder on your iOS device in order for it to be imported. Otherwise you will get a message that the import failed.

  • I was able to achieve this by deleting the Exports folder on the device and replacing it with the Exports folder generated by the desktop application.

4. From within NM Collector CP on your iOS device select [Import] from the hamburger menu.

5. Click "Collection Data" and browse to your iOS Devices Exports folder and select [collectionName].csv file to start the import.

NOTE: "Collection Template" and other .csv fles are used to import new collection templates or changes to existing collection templates.

6. Give it time to import your data. It will show you a progress bar as it is importing your data. Once imported the progress bar will go away and you will see a confirmation message that your data was imported.

7. When the import is finished, to see your imported data, select a different collection and then re-select the collection that contains your imported data.

Transferring data from iOS device to desktop

To transfer your updates from your iOS device to your desktop, simply reverse the process.

1. From within NM Collector CP on your iOS device select [Export] from the hamburger menu.

2. It will quickly respond with an export was successful message. It takes less time to export your data than it does to import your data.

3. Copy the [collectionName].csv file and picture directories from your iOS Export folder to your desktop. Any location will work as long as you remember where you copied it to.

NOTE: Do not try to import directly from the iOS device itself. Copy your data to your desktop first.

4. In the NM Collector CP desktop application,

  1. Select the collection with data that you wish to import

  2. Select [File > Import Items from CSV] from the menu

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