Transferring Your Data Between Desktop and iOS Devices

The iOS version of NM Collector CP is now available on the App Store.

An ideal way to use NM Collector CP is to enter your data in the desktop application and then transfer it to your android device to take it with you for reference wherever you go. Also, your iOS device is a great way to take pictures of the items in your collection. After adding pictures to your items, you will want to transfer your updated data back to your desktop.

Transferring data from desktop to iOS device

Here are the steps to transfer your data from your desktop to your iOS device.

1. In the NM Collector CP desktop application,

a. Select the collection with data that you want to transfer.

b. Select [File > Export Current Collection Items to CSV] from the menu.

c. The data is saved to the "Export Dir."

d. The export dir is listed in the [Help > About] menu item.