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NM Collector Software Cross Platform Installation and Operation - Windows

Updated: Dec 10, 2023


1. Download

2. Extract contents to computer hard drive or USB

3. Optional - run setup program (Setup NMCollectorCP.exe) which can be found in the installer directory


1. If you used the installer, you can run from the shortcut created on the desktop or the installed NMCollectorCP.exe

2. You can also open the downloaded USB directory and double click the NMCollectorCP.exe

3. Finally, you can use the run.bat file in the NMCollector_Win directory to bypass the executable and still run the program

Notes on Antivirus False Positives

Some Windows antivirus and malware detection programs will falsely warn you about NMCollectorCP.exe. If your antivirus quarantines the NMCollectorCP.exe file, you can start the program using the run.bat file. Although some antivirus software packages do not like the executable, they are not complaining about the program itself. The program can still be run even if the executable has been quarantined.

This is the best explanation I have found for it from a fellow developer using the same tools that I am using:

"This has come up before. The packaged exe works by creating a new process (ie starting Java). This is seen as a possible threat by "AI" based antivirus/antimalware software."

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