nmcollector.net LLC

nmCollector.net LLC

Since the year 2000 nmCollector.net LLC has been producing software for collectors. We can work with distributors and retailers who want to carry NM Collector Software and even re-brand it for their company. Please let us know if you have any questions or comments.


  • NM Collector Software JE - Any Collection Any Computer - Windows, Mac, Linux. Designed to be run directly off of a USB flash drive for security and portability but can also be run from a hard drive, network drive, or even the cloud.

  • NM Collector for the Android - Collecting Software for the Android

  • iOS NM Collector Software

    If you want to help fund an iOS suite of apps please see my iOS kickstarter project! Help increase my chances of success by telling others about it as well.

  • NM Gun Collector Software - Gun Collecting Software for Windows Only - discontinued but migration path to NM Collector JE Software is provided. Also now available for free.


nmCollector.net LLC intends to produce the most useful and flexible software available to the collector community at the most reasonable cost.  nmCollector.net LLC recognizes the effort put into data entry and keeps the preservation of that data at the forefront of our development efforts.


nmCollector.net LLC began in the year 2000 when Clay Pryor began selling his NM Gun Collector Software online. After receiving multiple requests for collecting software for different computer operating systems and collection types, nmCollector.net answered the call with NM Collector Software JE. This software became popular enough to justify incorporating in 2010. Recognizing the need for mobile products nmCollector.net introduced NM Collector for the Android in late 2011.

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