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Resume available upon request. I have extensive software development experience that spans over 40 years and includes everything from desktop applications to tester software and enterprise applications. For the past six years I have been focused on enterprise search applications. My search journey started with a custom suite of Java and J2EE applications built on top of Solr. I enhanced, simplified and reworked those applications to make them more efficient and easier to maintain. After learning about Lucidworks Fusion at a conference, I lead an effort to deploy it in our company. That was in 2017 and it is still in production to this day. In 2018 we were recognized by top executives for our success. Solr EXPERTISE • Solr Cloud deployment, configuration and management • Schema, Text Analysis, Update Handlers, Request Handlers, Faceting, Highlighting, Spell Checking, Auto Complete, Relevancy Boosting including Phrase Boosting and Query Elevation • Use SolrJ in Java applications to index and query content • Developed and delivered in-house Solr training LUCIDWORKS FUSION EXPERTISE • Deploy and configure Fusion across multiple Linux servers • Integrate with internal and external Solr instances • Upgrade from 2.x to 3.x to 4.x • Capture signals for popularity boosting and personalization • Configure datasources using a variety of connectors • Write Nashorn JavaScript pipeline stages for custom functionality • Familiar with the entire Fusion UI and components of API • Configure Solr using Fusion UI • Developed and delivered in-house Fusion Training

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Clay Pryor P.O. Box 50051Albuquerque, NM 87181


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