Virus and Malware Detection

Updated: Feb 13

Sometimes antivirus programs that use AI mark the NM Collector Software CP executable as a risk. This is the best explanation I have found for it from a fellow developer using the same tools that I am using:

"This has come up before. The packaged exe works by creating a new process (ie starting Java). This is seen as a possible threat by "AI" based antivirus/antimalware software."

I can assure you that I have no intention of nefarious activities with my code. However, what good are assurances these days? Also, what guarantees do you (and I) have that some dependency in my code does not introduce some sort of virus or malware? Fortunately, for us there are ways to detect bad actors.

One way is to install anti-virus software on your computer. This is my standard approach for any downloads to my computer. Before opening a downloaded file you can run your virus detection software on it. I like Norton for this but you may prefer another. Some people run many virus/malware detection applications at once but this is not recommended because they may interfere with one another.

There are also sites that you can upload a file to and they will analyze it for you. An industry standard, used by many corporate teams, is They run the uploaded software against 70 (or so) anti-virus/malware vendors and report the results. This is a popular tool used by corporations and software developers like myself but anybody can use it.

I have uploaded my software to that site. You can view the results in these links:

NOTE: These links are out of date and no longer apply. I am keeping them here for historical purposes. Please see my Update blog entry for the latest.