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Version 2.0.1 of NM Collector Software CP Available

The following bugs were fixed (see known issues):
  • List of items wrong after clicking on a related item and then returning to the Items List.

  • Disposition Date carrying over from one item to another.

  • A&D Report displaying Dec 31, 1969 when it should be blank.

  • Apostrophe (') in Collection Name field causes application to crash.

  • Some Messages are truncating,

Also, a refresh button was added to the statistics page to, obviously, refresh the data after changes are made elsewhere.

Upgrade Instructions:
  1. Backup your current database in case you need to recover it. Select [File > Backup Database] from the menu and select where you want to back it up to.

  2. Download the latest version for your operating system (or operating systems) from our shop.

  3. Optional: Install the new version per the instructions provided in the download.

  4. Run the newly downloaded program. Your data should be present.

  5. If your data is not present, please recover your data from your backup [File > Recover Database]

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