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Reports and Simplified Addition of New Items

Great Feedback!

Thanks to everyone who is trying out the new release. I have received some great feedback that is driving what will be included in the next release. Please, keep the feedback coming. Everyone who takes the time to get back to me with a suggestion or an issue gives me the chance to make the product better for everyone else!

Improved Data Entry for New Items

Current Addition of New Items

First, the addition of new items is more difficult than it should be for large collections. As it is now, once you enter some basic identification information for the new item the addition screen closes and the new item gets added to your list of items. in order to add additional information you have to find the newly added item in the list and click it.

Improved Addition of New Items

In the next release, after you have entered basic identification information, you click an Add button and the system enables all of the other tabs on the new item so you can continue entering data without having to find the new the item in the list.

Work Around

Until the next release, you can use the "Search Filter" feature on the items page to quickly locate your newly added item.


Custom Reports

A new report builder feature will allow report fields to be selected to include in a report. You will then be able to filter what items appear in that report.

Print Page

With any report, you can print a selection of pages. This works well for printing information for only one item on some of the reports but not all of them. In the next release, for every page there will be a new "Print" button which opens a report for that item on that page which can then be printed.

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