NM Collector Software CP v. 0.5 Available for Download

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

This next release of NM Collector Software CP adds the following:

  • Automated Backup (with recovery option) – can be enabled/disabled

  • Better manage file selection (restrict to valid options, remember paths)

  • Remember last selected collection for next time application is started

  • Fix Linux bugs related to usage of File System

  • Edit Tab Labels

  • Edit Collections

  • Edit Template Captions

  • Duplicate Item

  • Help > About with key information for support

  • Clear Disposition in case entered by accident - dispositioned items do not show up in inventory reports

Upgrade Note

For those of you upgrading from a previous release, please note that you will need to delete the following reports from your current installation in order to allow the installation of upgraded versions of the reports.

  • InsuranceInventory_subreport1.jasper

  • InsuranceInventory_w_pics_subreport1_fs.jasper

  • Inventory_subreport1.jasper

So, you might ask, how do I find those files so I can delete them? Good question. You can find the answer by running the latest version of NM Collector CP after you install it and select Help > About from the menu. This will bring up a page with key information including the location of the reports directory for your system! You can now use your file system tool to navigate to that directory and delete those reports.

The next time you run NM Collector CP it will install the latest version of those reports. Don't worry about accidentally deleting too many reports. You can delete all of the reports and then next time you run NM Collector CP Software it will reinstall them for you.<