NM Collector Software CP v. 0.4 Available for Download

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

This next release of NM Collector Software CP adds Reports, Data Sheets, and the ability to import most of your data from NM Collector Software JE. In addition, with the ability to import large amounts of data, I made a few performance adjustments as well.

More details for each new feature can be found below.

Known Issues

  • If you open the Reports window before anything else after initial install it will appear collapsed in the upper left hand corner of your window. This is in the next release.

  • Fixed - Unfortunately, the reporting is currently broken in the Linux deployment but correcting that is my top priority for the next release.

Data Sheets

This is a rather simple concept use in the military firearms collecting community. It is simply a detailed listing of every component in a firearm. A sample datasheet for an M1 Garand has been uploaded to our products pages.


As with NM Collector JE, I use the Jasper Reports Library for reporting. There are several advantages to this including the flexibility of users to create their own reports. You can use the community edition of Jaspersoft Studio to edit current reports or create new ones. You will need the .jrmxl files to edit existing reports. I have uploaded them to this site's product pages.