NM Collector Software CP v. 0.4 Available for Download

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

This next release of NM Collector Software CP adds Reports, Data Sheets, and the ability to import most of your data from NM Collector Software JE. In addition, with the ability to import large amounts of data, I made a few performance adjustments as well.

More details for each new feature can be found below.

Known Issues

  • If you open the Reports window before anything else after initial install it will appear collapsed in the upper left hand corner of your window. This is in the next release.

  • Fixed - Unfortunately, the reporting is currently broken in the Linux deployment but correcting that is my top priority for the next release.

Data Sheets

This is a rather simple concept use in the military firearms collecting community. It is simply a detailed listing of every component in a firearm. A sample datasheet for an M1 Garand has been uploaded to our products pages.


As with NM Collector JE, I use the Jasper Reports Library for reporting. There are several advantages to this including the flexibility of users to create their own reports. You can use the community edition of Jaspersoft Studio to edit current reports or create new ones. You will need the .jrmxl files to edit existing reports. I have uploaded them to this site's product pages.

Here are some key concepts to keep in mind for reporting.

  1. Inventory reports do not include items that have been dispositioned. If you have dispositioned an item it is no longer in your inventory.

  2. If you want to see items that you once had but are no longer in your inventory, please use the Acquisition and Disposition (A&D) reports. Some of them are configured specifically for Firearms while the others are more generic.

  3. When using a Firearms A&D report, you have a flag in the ID tab that you can set to either include or not include a firearm in the A&D report. This is useful for firearms because some firearms do not need to be included in A&D reports.

  4. For all reports, you have a flag in the ID tab that you can use to exclude certain items from reports.

  5. For the Inventory with Pictures and Notes Report, you have a flag in the pictures tab to include or not include pictures.

Import Data from NM Collector JE Software

In an ongoing effort to preserve the hard work of my customers, I have included a first cut at data transfer from NM Collector JE to NM Collector CP. This takes data exported from JE and imports it directly into CP. The data currently exported from JE includes ID, Description, Pictures, Receipts, Dispositions, and Data Sheets so that is the data currently importable to CP. I will write a custom program later that will allow the import of all data from JE.

The basic process for importing JE data into CP is as follows:

  1. Export the data for a selected collection from JE using File > Export > To Desktop CSV in the JE main menu

  2. Pay attention to the location in which you export the data. You will need that location for the import into CP.

  3. The main file you will be looking for is a CSV file named JE[collectionName].csv where [CollectionName] is the name of the collection you exported. For example, when you export the Firearms collection it will be written to a file named JEFirearms.csv.

  4. Pictures will also be exported. They will be placed in folders next to the .csv file named [CollectionName][ItemNumber] where [CollectionName] is the name of the collection and [ItemNumber] is a unique identifier for the item that the pictures are associated with. You can see that ItemNumber in the .csv spreadsheet. An example of the folder name for exported pictures might be Firearms224 (assuming you have pictures associated with item 224 in your Firearms collection).

  5. Before importing your JE data to CP, I suggest you delete the sample items for the collection that you are going to import from CP.

  6. To import the data into CP, select File > Import > From JE in the CP main menu. Then navigate to the location in which you exported your JE data and select the appropriate .csv file that contains the data you want to import.

  7. I would suggest not doing anything in CSP while the data is being imported.

Next Steps

I still have a large list of additional features to develop. Here is a current list of what I have so far. Please feel free to let me know what is most important to you and/or any additional suggestions.

  • Fix Reports in Linux

  • Use Font Extensions in Jasper Reports

  • Automated Backup (with recovery option) – can be enabled/disabled

  • Enable Tiff images to be loaded

  • Edit Collections

  • Edit Captions (include notes on impact of changing certain field captions)

  • Replicate

  • Events Tab

  • Maintenance Tab

  • Links Tab (including capture of PDFs)

  • Statistics Page

  • Export/Import

  • Duplicate Items

  • Open Last Used Collection on Startup (and/or option to set default)

  • More Reporting Options (all collections, individual items, pass in current collection and item by default)

  • Custom program to bring in remaining data from JE (Events, Maintenance, Links)

  • Transfer pics from one platform to another (different storage paths)

  • Picture thumbnails in Items List

  • Log to File

Thank you for your support!