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NM Collector Software CP Proof Of Concept Partially Released

We developed a simple proof of concept for the new application and have released the Windows version for evaluation in its own product page. Here is an excerpt from the above product page.

We are looking for early feedback.  This is not even a beta product yet.  We are developing the features and architecture in an iterative fashion. One of the concepts is to release as soon as the product is potentially useful even if nobody will use it. This gives customers a chance to provide early feedback and help direct product development.
This is not much more than a proof of concept.  This release is very limited in that it only contains fields for identification.  It also does not yet allow any form of integration of data across platforms. 
Please download it, unzip it, read Instructions_Windows.txt and try it out.  Then, send us feedback ... preferably in the forums section of this web site.

It is important to note that due to changes in requirements for deploying applications to Windows and Macs, it is unlikely that we will be able to create a version that will be self-contained on a USB. We will work out an easy way to sync data across systems without engaging the cloud. Due to privacy concerns, we do not want our customers to depend on the cloud for data syncing.

More to come as we make progress.

Thank you.

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