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NM Collector CP Initial Release Available for Download

Please provide your feedback in this blog post! Also, if you like what you see please share with others!

You can download for free through our on-line shop at Shop | LLC.

We now have an official release ready for download. This software is being developed in an agile fashion so we are not waiting for a final fully functional product before seeking feedback. Instead, as soon as usable features are available we are releasing them. Although this release is limited in functionality, it gives you the opportunity to help guide the direction of the product! Each release will add new functionality.

Our intent is to make the software look and feel the same across all platforms including mobile devices. We are starting with the desktop (Windows, Mac, Linux) version but you will note that it looks like it could be running on a mobile device. This is intentional.

This release has very basic functionality including:

  • Add and delete items

  • Filter (search) items in the list

  • Change the sort of items in the list

  • Add to drop down lists (DDLs) values (edit/delete DDLs will come in the next release)

  • Identification information

  • Description information

  • Receipt

  • Disposition

Here are sample screen captures for reference

Sample of Collections available out of the box (you will be able to add more later)

List of items in the currently selected collection

Identification information for the currently selected item

Description fields for the currently selected item

Receipt information for the currently selected item

Disposition for the currently selected item

We plan to add the following to the next release.

  • Enable the Pictures Tab

  • Edit Drop Down List Values

Additional functionality will be added in future releases as we develop the software.

Thank you!

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