Next iteration of NM Collector CP (v. 0.3) Available for Download

As always, please provide your feedback in this blog post! Also, if you like what you see please share with others!

You can download for free through our on-line shop.

This latest release adds the ability to manage pictures and edit drop down lists. It also reduces the flashing when switching between tabs but does not eliminate it. In fact, it will probably still be quite noticeable on slow machines. It also fixes a bug that prevented you from entering values when adding a new item if you were last in a tab other than ID when you added a new item.

Please note the sequence field in the Pictures is used to order the pictures when they are loaded from the database and for reports when they are available. Please note that in order to see changes to the sequence of pictures when you change the sequence value you will have to exit and re-enter the pictures page.

Known issues:

1. Focus is lost when clicking some of the buttons associated with the drop down lists and calendar fields. The system will remember where you were on the page but it will change the focus to the first item at the top of the page. In this circumstance, you just have to click wherever you want to go next rather than use the tab.

2. Slow computers will still see a page disappear before a new page loads.

3. The notes field is fixed and does not expand with content. I still need to work on that feature.

4. If you delete a value from a drop down list but that value is used it will be added back after deletion. This is by design. If you want to delete a value that is being used from a drop down list be sure to stop using it first!