Need iOS (iPhone, iPad) Beta Testers! Just need your email.

Updated: Feb 2

UPDATE 2/2/2022 - All we need now is your email!

  • This is now available through the Apple Apps Store using an Apple tool named TestFlight.

  • You will need to download the TestFlight App from the Apple App Store and then just send us your email.

Previously ...

We have what appears to be a working iOS version of NM Collector CP that we need beta testers for! We have one problem with pictures to resolve - pictures taken in portrait mode load sideways. Other than that, everything appears to be working. We do need to write up some basic instructions for importing data. We will probably write a User Manual for this but that is not currently available.

If you want to help, please notify us through our support portal and we will get you setup! Here is some detailed information of what we will be doing:

As detailed in the above document we will need you to provide us with your device ID as follows. It would be helpful if you could include your device ID when you contact us!

To get a device ID using iTunes

  1. Launch iTunes.

  2. Connect your device to your Mac.

  3. Click your device on the top-right corner of iTunes.

  4. In the Summary pane, click the Serial Number label. The label Serial Number changes to Identifier and displays the device ID.

  5. To copy the device ID, Control-click the device ID and select Copy Identifier (UDID).

Thanks in advance!


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