First Official Release of NM Collector CP available now

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Well, it is finally here, version 1.0 of NM Collector Software CP for the desktop (Windows, Mac, and Linux). As any of you who have been following this know, there have been many interim releases, with lots of opportunity for testing and feedback, so this release is stable with few, if any, bugs.

Some new additions include drag and drop for pictures and links.

Also included is a complete User Manual.

Here is a somewhat complete list of features - not everything is listed.

  • Add and Delete Items

  • Filter (search) items in the list

  • Change the sort of items in the list

  • Add to drop down lists (DDLs) values

  • Identification information

  • Description information

  • Receipt

  • Disposition

  • Manage Pictures

  • Edit Drop Down Lists