False Virus/Malware Reports

For those who have refused to use the software due to their computer virus protection warnings, I don't blame you. Please consider giving it another try.

This has been an ongoing problem with the Windows deployment. I do everything I can to ensure that there are no virus/malware issues and yet they still get reported. I believe I finally found and resolved the root cause of the problem.

I updated all of my Windows deployments with the correction but It will take some time for the corrected installer to be available in the Windows Store. I will post to this blog when it is ready in the Windows Store.

Thank you!


With my recent deployment to the Windows Store, it was brought to my attention by a customer who downloaded the software from the Windows Store that MalwareBytes will not allow the program to run on his computer.

I always run my program through a tool called virustotal. When I upload my program to virustotal it shows up with no flags. However, as a test, I installed the program on my computer and then ran the installed program through virustotal and saw many red flags. The results for both can be found here:

Pre-setup program:

Post-setup program:

Upon closer inspectio