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Desktop Search Application Now Available

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

Do you sometimes have trouble finding a file on your system like I do? I know I have a document with certain information in it but I cannot remember the name of the document or where I stored it.

Sometimes Windows File Explorer can help, especially if I have an idea of what the file name might be, but it is often not very helpful when finding content that I am looking for when it resides within documents on my system. It can also take a very long time to do a complete search through all of the locations where the file might reside.

I have found the content search features in tools like Notepad ++ helpful for text files. Unfortunately, tools like this work only for text files. They do not work for proprietary formats like Word and PDF files.

Since I have some pretty extensive experience developing web-based Enterprise Search Solutions I wondered if it would be possible to build an application for desktop only searches. I wanted it to reside entirely on the computer on which the files reside and not place any files on the web.

I believe I found a solution. It works great for me and, most importantly, is completely contained on your desktop computer. There is no dependence on an external cloud or anything outside of your local computer.

I am making it available for free.

Download ZIP • 730.77MB

Since it is free I can provide only limited support. However, I wrote a pretty comprehensive user manual that is included in the download. My time can be scheduled if support is absolutely necessary.

You can read the User Manual (below) if you wish before downloading the application.

Download PDF • 967KB

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