Available Now - NM Collector Software CP v. 0.6 Available for Download

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

This next release of NM Collector Software CP adds the following new features

  • Move item from one collection to another

  • Ensure sort order of JE exported pictures is retained when imported into CP

  • Related Items Tab

  • Export/Import Data

  • Export Collection Template

  • Import Collection Template

  • Duplicate Template

Known Issues

None so far - please let me know if you find any

Next Steps

Looks like we may be reaching the end of the initial application backlog. I will continue working the features below for the next release except for Licensing. Once I deploy the licensing feature the full feature version will no longer be free.

  • Events Tab

  • Maintenance Tab

  • Links Tab (including capture of PDFs) -best place for PDFs?

  • Statistics Page

  • Set collection to open by default