4.0.2 Release of NM Collector Software JE Available Now

Updated: Apr 18

For the past few weeks we have been working on the next and final release of NM Collector Software JE (Java Edition). After that we will be focusing on a whole new suite of applications named NM Collector Software CP (Cross Platform).

This release, version 4.0.2, contains the following changes:

  1. Enable you to select your own bar code font - not just the default which is currently no longer available for download. I will create a new bar code blog with details.

  2. Added a few more usage hints that will appear if you hover your mouse over a blank section of the application screen.

  3. Increased the number of digits available in currency fields. It seems some people use NM Collector software to manage collections of items with individual values in the millions of dollars range.

  4. Updated the Maintenance Report to no longer truncate dates.

  5. Change the Picture Path when pictures are stored in the database to indicate such.

  6. Added an additional warning to encryption process noting that encryption cannot be undone.

  7. Deleted Backup and Recovery menu items from Options menu. These were retired long ago. The best backup/recovery approach is to copy the entire application to a backup location.

  8. Removed the File > Save to Disk menu option as it is not used.

  9. Provide a popup (right click) in the tree view to allow you to quickly expand and collapse all items in the tree view.

  10. Reworked many of the reports to correctly use the combination of "A&D" and "Include in Reports" options.

  11. Corrected inventory reports to not include dispositioned items. It makes no sense to include items you no longer have in an inventory report.

Upgrade Instructions

To upgrade you will want to rename your old installation directory and then download and extract the new version. After that copy your current database (the folder named nmcswDB - yes it is a complete directory not just a single file) from the renamed old installation to the new installation. The database contains your data and your registration. Detailed instructions will depend on your operating system and your current deployment location (where you currently run the application).

Here is an example of how I did it on my windows computer running the software on my hard drive. My deployment location is C:\NMCollectorJE\ so I will reference C:\ as [installationDirectory] in the instructions below.

  1. Rename [installationDirectory\NMCollectorJE] to [installationDirectory\NMCollectorJE_old].

  2. Download the new version (location to download from TBD).

  3. Extract the contents of the download ( to [installationDirectory].

  4. How you extract the contents depends on your computer and operating systems.

  5. In windows 10 you can right click the file and select open in a new window.

  6. When the new window opens, you can then drag and drop the NMCollectorJE folder to your deployment location. In my case that is C:\ however, you could copy it to a USB flash drive or any location of your choosing.

  7. Delete [installationDirectory\NMCollectorJE\\Contents\Resources\nmcswDB]. This step is important in order to ensure a clean copy of your data into the upgraded application.

  8. Copy nmcswDB

  9. from [installationDirectory\NMCollectorJE_old\\Contents\Resources]

  10. to [installationDirectory\NMCollectorJE\\Contents\Resources]

That's it. These instructions will be easier to understand if you open them in one window and open your File Explorer in another window and then place them side by side.

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