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Carl Carl wrote on December 9, 2019 at 8:58 am:
Great program!
I just downloaded and starting to load information, but have a few questions:
- Is there a way to edit the default responses? I tried to enter Imbel as a mfg, but a default "IMI" forces my response to read "IMbel". Minor problem.
- Is there a way to total cost and sales amounts for inventories?
- How do I direct the back-up to a flash drive? For some reason, no choices appear.
Thanks in advance!
Admin Reply:
Thank you.

1. You can edit the dropdown lists via the Manage menu - just select the category of dropdowns you want to edit and then the specific dropdown list. In your case, that would be Manage -> Edit Identification Dropdown Lists. When the page opens select Firearms from the first dropdown list and Manufacturer from the second. Now you can edit the data in the dropdown list.

2. You can see totals in the Statistics window which is opened by clicking the Statistics button on the top of the Identification and Description tabs.

3. The best way to backup is by using your file system to copy directories from one location to another. Please see