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Larry Demoret Larry Demoret from Port Richey wrote on November 15, 2019 at 4:10 pm:
My NMCOLLECTOR software isn't saving anything anymore. I make changes and hit save but when I go back into the program the changes I made are gone. Can you help me out? Thank you.
Admin Reply:
My only experience with this is documented in the known issues page. The only time I have heard of this is when NM Collector is installed to a Windows default installation directory or there are problems with the Java installation. Since yours was working it can't be the installation directory issue. Do you know if there have been any changes to your java installation on your computer? One option is to upgrade to the latest version which has Java embedded with the program so you do not have to rely on Java installed on your computer.

Here is the entry from the known issues page:

Program exhibits strange behavior and or data changes that you have made do not save. Assuming that you did not install to “C:\Program Files\…” or “C:\Program Files(x86)\…” directories this is caused by a disabled or improperly configured installation of Java on your computer. A properly installed, configured, and working copy of Java is a pre-requisite for NM Collector Software to operate properly. Please make sure you have the latest version of Java installed and running on your computer by visiting this site: