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Bill Bill from Hamden wrote on January 19, 2019 at 8:54 am:
I had this program for a long time and just loaded it up again. No problem all my data is there But the password dosen't seem to work I put in my password I made up and then again as required and hit ok Close the program and then start up password box comes up and if I hit OK without putting anything in the password box it still loads the program and anyone can see my data
Admin Reply:
Are you referring to NM Collector Software? If so, I can't seem to duplicate the problem. If I enable password protection and enter a password it will not let me open the program unless I enter the correct password.

Just guessing, but you might try the following:

1. Backup your current NM Collector Software installation directory by copying it to a new location in case something goes wrong in the steps below.

2. Disable the password protection by unchecking Options > Security > Enable Password Protection.

3. Close the program and restart it. It should come back without asking for a password.

4. Enable the password protection by checking Options > Security > Enable Password Protection.

Let me know if that works.