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cjpryor cjpryor from Unknown wrote on January 19, 2019 at 7:45 am:
I have both NM Gun Collector software and NM Collector Software JE. Both stopped working after my anti-virus software did a disk cleanup. How could this be?

I originally purchased NM Gun Collector Software, and experienced this problem. I found it had become free public domain software, so I downloaded and installed it from the internet. My database was intact and the reinstall worked. Now the disk cleanup software has made both programs unusable. I did have a backup install on a thumb drive, but cannot currently locate it.

Please provide me with whatever is necessary to reinstall both programs, and advice on how to prevent this situation from reoccurring in the future.
Admin Reply:
First, I want to thank you for you purchases. 😊

Second, if you can’t find backups I’m not sure you can recover your data but we can try.

Third, what disk cleanup software are you using? I suspect it must be deleting required files. Hopefully it did not delete any files that contain your data. I would think something has to change in your disk cleanup software.

This is the recovery plan I would suggest:

NM Gun Collector Software
1. Locate your database files and copy them somewhere safe for use later in this process.
a. auxNMGCSW.mdb
b. clearNMGCSW.mdb
c. NMGCSW.ldb
d. nmgcsw.mdb
f. security.ldb
g. security.mdb
2. Use Windows Add/Remove programs to unistall NM Gun Collector Software. This will leave key files behind but that is okay. Keep them.
3. Download and install NM Gun Collector Software to the same location as you had it before. You can download it from
4. Hopefully, since you are installing back to the original location, and assuming none of your database files were corrupted by the disk cleanup program, it should work and you should still have your data after the install.
5. If it works but it is not your data, please copy all of those database files that you saved to a safe location back into the newly installed installation directory.

NM Collector Software
1. Move (yes, please move) your current database to a safe location. Your current database location depends on what version of the software you are running.
a. Pre-4.0: The nmcswDB folder located in your installation directory
b. 4.0: The \\Contents\Resources\nmcswDB folder in your installation directory
2. Download and install the latest NM Collector Software from:
3. Delete the nmcswDB folder from the new installation (this is important to make sure files from your database to not get mixed with files from the default database).
4. Copy your current database from the safe location to the newly installed location.

Please let me know if you need more help.