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      I will be “retiring” from my full-time employment by February 2021. After that, my plans are to focus on a complete rewrite in a whole new technology that will compile to native code for Windows, Mac, and Linux users. I believe I will call that new product simply “NM Collector Software” dropping the JE from the name since it will not longer be written in Java.

      This rewrite will result in a much faster program than what is possible with Java. It will also be simpler to deploy and maintain. I will also simplify the UI and associated processes.

      As always, I will provide a migration path for current users of NM Collector Software JE to transfer all of their data to the new program. Assuming I can continue to use the activation code (which is java based) in the new application there will be no need to generate new activations – it should just transfer automatically. Failing that, I will have to figure out how to generate new activations for current users.

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