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Please note the Gun Identification and Gun Values Project database is no longer active. If there is any interest I will consider bringing the data back up to date. Thanks.

Detailed Database Operation Instructions

Enter gun Identification and Values Database Application

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Welcome to the online gun identification and gun value database project. I hope this tool will become useful to members of the gun collecting community as we begin to develop and populate it with pictures and values.

As the name implies, the purpose of this new database is two-fold.
  1. To provide a place where a gun collector can go to learn more about the wide variety of firearms that exist and some of their general characteristics. The database will provide a place to list the make, model, variation, description, pictures, and other information about each firearm that is entered.
  2. To provide an idea of the general value of a firearm based on a price history by condition of similar firearms. The actual value of any particular firearm will depend on variables other than the price history of similar firearms but this will hopefully be a useful input into helping to determine a ballpark estimate of the current value of any particular firearm.
The value of this project to the gun collecting community will depend entirely on our level of participation.  As the developer of the database and its interface, I am counting on you, the on-line members of the gun collecting community to help me by entering values and identification information.

Therefore, I welcome you as a partner in this project. I invite you to contribute your knowledge and specific transaction information. Be assured, that once data entry is begun, I will preserve the data that has been entered throughout the development life cycle. I can modify the database and the application without risk of data loss. The only risk of data loss will be due to catastrophic server failure and that should be mitigated by the web host provider backup system.

Gun ID and Gun Values Database Summary Instructions - please see Detailed Database Operation Instructions for more operational information.

Database Structure

Class of Firearms


Store general information about a class of firearms including technical and historical data.  Includes representative pictures.  The contributor owns the data for this class of firearms.
Individual Firearms Of Selected Class


Store information about an individual firearm that belongs to a class of firearms.  Include pictures.  The contributor owns the data for the particular individual firearms that they enter..
Prices Of Selected Firearm
Store condition and price for a particular firearm at a particular point in time.  NRA Grading standards are recommended.

If a single firearm is sold multiple times then multiple occurrences of condition and price can be captured.  Includes pictures.  This information is what is used to establish value estimates.  The contributor owns the price information that they entered.

Here are the steps to contribute to the Gun Identification and Value Database.  Contribution of gun values and other information does require registration.

On the home page, click the "Contribute" button.

Contribute to database

If you have not yet registered, click the register link and complete the registration process.  Proceed to next step.

click registration link and complete registration process

Login with your UserID and Password and click the Submit button.  As elsewhere in the database, clicking the  Reset Button will clear the fields.

login with your user id and password

Once you are logged in, a whole new set of contributor buttons becomes available for you to use.  You can also edit your profile or log out if you wish.

a whole range of contributor buttons available

gun value

The buttons should be self explanatory.  You can only edit data that you own.  Here we will step through the process for adding a gun value for a particular firearm.

Click the "Add A New Price" button.  You are then given the opportunity to pick the class of firearms to add a price to.  Hint:  you can quickly type in the classID  if you know it.  Then click the "Select" button to make your  choice known to the server.

add gun values - start by selecting a class

Next pick the particular firearm from within that class of firearms to add your gun value to.  You can quickly type in the  Firearm ID if you know it.  Once again click the "Select" button to make your choice known to the server.

select individual firearm

Now enter the new price information and click the "Add" button when you are done.  As usual, you can click the "Reset" button to clear the fields.

click add button to complete

If the addition was successful, a confirmation page will appear and you can add more price information for that firearm or add pictures associated with the price.

You can upload pictures as follows.  From the "Add Picture" screen simply browse your computer for the picture you want to upload then, once you select a picture, click the "Upload" button.  A list of already loaded pictures will appear.

upload picture

gun values

Querying The Database

Anybody can query the database for gun values and other informaiton without registration. Of course, this means the service is free. At this time and in the foreseeable future, can bear the costs of providing this service at no charge to the gun collector community.

Hopefully the query features are self explanatory.  Just keep in mind the structure of the database when making your query selections.

Valuing a firearm is very hard to do and often the price guides are wrong.   However, I have compiled a list of possibilites to consider at

Last Revised: May 23, 2010

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