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  NM Gun Collector Software

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NM Collector JE - Any collection any platform ... Windows, Mac and Linux. I have had many requests to create a version of NM Gun Collector Software for Mac and Linux computers. Also, I wanted to provide something free for people who do not need all of the features currently available with NM Gun Collector. In addition, I designed this new software to manage multiple kinds of collections without sacrificing the gun collector specific features that make NM Gun Collector so useful to gun collectors. NM Collector JE provides a migration path to move data from NM Gun Collector into NM Collector JE for those who wish to upgrade from NM Gun Collector to NM Collector JE.

Version 6.0.2 Now Available  which includes many new standard firearms fields and as well as the ability to record data sheets, ammo, field trips, maintenance (including when maintenance will be due next) and a wish list.

M11.org Gun Collecting Software Review is now available. This is an unbiased review of available gun collecting software products. We think they are a little off in that they did not rank NM Gun Collector as the best (at least not yet) for serious collectors. A review like this is long overdue and anyone thinking of purchasing this kind of software should read it. There is also a forum for comments as well.

Brownells is now carrying NM Gun Collector Software. We are proud to be associated with this fine organization.

The Report Wizard is now included in the standard release.  Although NM Gun Collector Software is shipped with a full compliment of standard predefined reports, some people just want to roll their own. In addition, this tool provides a convenient mechanism for exporting data to Excel and other applications as well as generating web pages that can easily be uploaded to your own ISP.

Press Release, 1/01/2005

Feedback Forum  post your comments and read what others have to say about the software.  Please be honest and polite! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Using Data Sheets In NM Gun Collector Software  
M1 Garand collectors commonly use data sheets like the one suggested by Scott A Duff .  These data sheets can be easily incorporated into NM Gun Collector Software.  Click on the above link to visit the forum where this is discussed.  Scroll down until the message titled "Using DataSheets in NM Gun Collector" appears.

 ATF Alternate Record
Several of my customers have successfully gained ATF approval to use this software as a computerized version of the Acquisition and Disposition Record (A&D) book (aka alternate record).  Please see these notes and hints regarding using this software for this purpose.



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